WARA The Welsh Amateur Rowing Association - Rhwyfo Cymru


The name of the body shall be the Welsh Amateur Rowing Association or Rhwyfo Cymru.

The objects of the Association shall be:
(a) To encourage and assist amateur rowing in Wales and amongst Welsh people everywhere.
(b) To maintain and raise the standard of rowing in Wales and promote Welsh Rowing at international level.

Any amateur club situated in Wales may affiliate on becoming approved by a two thirds majority of the Council. They thereby bind themselves to observe the Constitution of the Association. Any club which is not affiliated to W.A.R.A., S.A.R.A., A.R.A. or any F.I.S.A. recognised body may not compete in an event organised by the W.A.R.A., and is unlikely to be eligible for selection for Wales or British international rowing.

(a) The Government of the W.A.R.A shall comprise a Council to which all affiliated clubs, and affiliated organisations shall provide two representatives and which will also include the President and Vice Presidents pro-tem and representatives from the A.R.A. if so required.

(b) There shall be an Executive comprising the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman pro tem of any of the sub-committees.

(c) A Finance Committee comprising the Treasurer and those members of the Executive that he co-opts upon it.

(d) There will then be the following sub-committees:

Welsh International Rowing.

(ii.) Development.

(iii.) Events.

(iv.) Umpires & Safety.

(v.) National Coach Management.

(e) The Executive and sub-committees may co-opt upon to their bodies any such persons as they think fit or appropriate to do so.

(f) The Council of the W.A.R.A will meet twice a year chaired by the Chairman of the Executive, Vice Chairman of the Executive, or such person as is appointed by the Council to take the Chair at the meeting. The Annual General Meeting will be on a date in November and will be a meeting of the Council which will elect the officers. Individual members of the W.A.R.A.. may attend but will have no voting rights. The second meeting of the Council will be on a date in May. At each meeting of the Council reports will be submitted from the Chairman and Treasurer from The Executive and the Chairmen of the appointed sub-committees. Written reports from the Chairman and Treasurer from the Executive and the Chairmen of the appointed sub-committees must be provided three weeks prior to the date of the meeting to the Secretary. These reports are then to be circulated to the W.A.R.A. club representatives no less than two weeks prior to the date of the Council meeting. Council proposals shall be binding upon the Executive and will be by majority voting unless it is a constitutional matter in which case a two-thirds majority of those present will be required.

(g) The Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary will be elected for a period of three years. In the first instance (November 2005), the Chairman, shall be elected for three years, the Treasurer for two years and the Secretary for one year. Thereafter, three year terms will apply for all three offices. All other members of the Executive Officers and Chair of sub-committees and members thereof will be elected annually.

(h) Voting rights at Council meetings shall be as follows:
Each affiliated club and each affiliated organisation shall have two votes which may be cast by one representative, subject to club status under Clause 19. The President and Vice President have one vote each. Members of the Executive do not have a vote on the Council. A Quorum shall be two thirds of those eligible for Constitutional Charges and a simple majority for all other matters.

(i) The Executive need not be members of the Council and shall be elected by the Council at the Annual General Meeting. The Executive Committee of the W.A.R.A. will sit monthly. Voting on the Executive will be by all members and by a simple majority. The Executive may put proposals before the Council for it to consider and vote upon. The Executive shall be responsible for the day to day management of the W.A.R.A.

(j) The sub-committees will sit as independent bodies operating under the budget set by the Finance Committee. They will sit at a minimum of three times per year and report primarily to the Executive Committee and will thereafter report to the Council. The voting on each sub-committee will be by majority voting. All members of either the Council of the W.A.R.A., its Executive or any of the sub-committees appointed under the Executive shall be members of a rowing club affiliated to the W.A.R.A or the A.R.A. unless appointed by the Executive as an employee.

(k) Further committees can be formed as seen fit by the Executive but will have no voting rights within the Executive.

(l) The President and Vice-President positions may be elected at the AGM in November. A motion for election or removal of individuals must be included on the Agenda. In the event of no motion being proposed, the incumbents would remain until the following AGM.

The outline of the government of W.A.R.A is shown in the plan appended hereto (described as Appendix 1).

The Executive has the power:
(i.) To determine all questions of amateur status.

(ii.) To co-opt to itself persons to fill a casual vacancy. Further to co-opt members to itself for assistance and advice, appoint the members of the Committees as specified herebefore, and must allow members of those Committees or persons nominated by those Committees rights of audience.

(iii.) To employ such persons in the post of National Coach or Coaching Development Officer or any other post relevant to the Association as the Executive sees fit and to determine the terms of employment and management of that person as is deemed fit by the Executive in conjunction with any funding authority.

(iv.) To reimburse its members reasonable expenses in carrying out Association business providing that such payments are declared in the accounts laid out before the general meeting according to the financial manual.

(v.) To borrow money for the Association on such terms or security as it deems fit, subject to limits approved by the Council to buy and sell equipment and property on behalf of the Association, and to do everything which is competent for the Association to do.

(vi.) To operate bank accounts on behalf of the Association, but each withdrawal from said bank account must be authorised by the signature of two persons elected to the Executive one of whom must be the Treasurer.

(vii.) To suspend any person who acts in a violent or abusive manner or who acts in any way likely to bring the sport of rowing or sculling into disrepute for such a period as it shall determine from competing, coaching, taking part or participating in any way in any Regatta run under the Rules of the Association or at any event, competition or activity run under the aegis of the Association. Any person so suspended shall have the rights to appeal against any such decision to an extraordinary General Meeting of the Association, which meeting shall have the right to confirm, suspend or annul the decision of the Executive, provided that the person intimates his wish to appeal to the secretary in writing within 21 days of the decision being made known to him. The Association Secretary shall issue notice of an extraordinary General Meeting not more than 14 days after a wish to appeal has been intimated to him.

(viii.) To impose up to a total life ban on any person found guilty of a serious drugs offence. A serious drugs offence shall be as defined in the A.R.A.'s Misuse of Drugs Byelaws as approved by their Council and as amended from time to time. The W.A.R.A.'s Appointed National Agency for Testing for the Misuse of Drugs is the National Drug Testing Agency (which may test both in and out of competition).

(ix.) All affiliated clubs must register their racing uniform and club colours with the Association Secretary and club members must compete in their own club's uniform at any Regatta or championship race help under the auspices of the Association. The said colours must be approved and distinguished from National colours as approved by the International Committee.

(x.) The W.A.R.A. adopts the Code of Ethics and Conduct for Sports Coaches and the Child Protection Procedures in Rowing as published by the Amateur Rowing Association and as appended an annexes hereto. The W.A.R.A. expects that all coaches of children to have obtained the appropriate clearance.

Affiliated clubs will pay subscriptions at rates to be determined by the Executive Committee and published as Rules of the Association. The Executive Committee may call upon clubs to produce accounts showing details of membership or entries within 28 days of such a request and be subject to paragraph 8.

Proposals for changes in the Constitution or Rules should be notified to the Executive Committee Members by the Secretary at least 10 days before the meeting of the Executive Committee at which they are to be considered. Changes in the Constitution may be made on approval by two thirds majority at a meeting of the Council. Rules may be approved by a simple majority of the Executive Committee.

Clubs or Regattas in arrears of subscription under the Rules of Association shall automatically be suspended and their representatives shall be suspended from the Council. No person is allowed to enter a Regatta held under the Rules of the W.A.R.A. in the name of a club that is in arrears of subscription. Furthermore such a club would forfeit its right to make entries in A.R.A. Regattas by virtue of their Membership of the W.A.R.A.

No expenditure may be incurred unless it is covered by a budget formally approved by the Executive Committee and has the authorisation of the Finance Committee appointed by the Executive Committee.

The rules of racing at the Association shall be the same as those published by the A.R.A. with the substitution of W.A.R.A. for A.R.A or "Council of the A.R.A.", and Secretary for "Executive Secretary" except insofar as the Executive Committee may rule otherwise.

Each member of the Council and the Executive must declare any personal interest, or club interest, in which he may have in any matter before the executive in accordance with Annex A, "Declaration of Interest".

The International Committee will be responsible for the day to day management of athletes, their financial support and liaison as necessary with the British International Rowing Organisation and the Sports Council for Wales and the British Universities Sports Organisation.

Two members of the Council will be appointed annually at the Annual General meeting to attend as the W.A.R.A. representatives upon the A.R.A. General Council as it meets from time to time.

It shall be the duty of every club Captain to ensure that each member racing on behalf of his club has a racing licence in accordance with the agreement between the W.A.R.A. and the A.R.A. It shall be the responsibility within Wales for each Regatta Secretary and Club Captain to see that the competitor's racing licences are properly recorded with any win.

The points system as adopted by W.A.R.A. is in accordance with the points system as adopted by the A.R.A. and it will be the responsibility of club Captains to ensure that racing licences are renewed annually and brought up to date and to ensure that all competitors whether Senior, Student, or Junior are properly insured either under a club or the aforesaid Racing Licence Scheme.

Affiliated clubs will pay subscriptions by February 15th of each calendar year in accordance with a scale set by the Finance Committee.

All affiliated clubs shall ensure that they carry full third party insurance in respect of all members including those covered by racing licences and any events that they hold whether on behalf of W.A.R.A or on behalf of themselves. Proof of Insurance cover shall be made available to the Executive upon request. Failure to produce proof of cover will lead to suspension of the event or exclusion of the club.

Governance of W.A.R.A. - Appendix 1

Team Manager
National Coach
Men's Co-ordinator
Women's Co-ordinator
Junior Men's Co-ordinator
Junior Women's Co-ordinator

Safety Officer
Bay Events
Off Shore
Umpires Rep.
Safety Officer
Child Protection Officer
Anti-doping Officer
Line Manager
A.R.A. Rep.
S.C.W. Rep.