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Crew selection and trialling

Trialling and Ergometer Testing

There will independent trials run by The Cardiff Bay Watermen, a highly respected and fully Independent events team in Wales . It's highly important that you are assessed, seen and trialled in Wales.

The Welsh Commonwealth Trial and Home Countries Trials.

 Will be held at:

The Taff Small Boats Head. This has to be completed in single, or pair, or both.

The Welsh Indoor Rowing Championships. A 2k piece.

A 2k Ergometer Test with the National Coach when the Institute testing is done, or a prearranged appointment or other public event. The test must be public.

The Taff Head. Singles or pairs.

GB Trials times may exempt you from Welsh Trials with permission from the National Coach.

Dates and times will be in Regatta Magazine and our website.

There may have to be other testing and ergometer testing, or racing at events, for selection clarification.

The triallist must have registered with the Team Manager before the last trial opportunity. In Commonwealth year there will be a cut-off.

If an outstanding athlete, or crew, comes to the fore after the trialling procedures but it can be shown or felt this will better the Team, the Institute may take this action.

Ergometer 2k Targets for Commonwealth and HCI.
Commonwealth Home Countries International
Lightweight Men
Lightweight Women
Under 6.00 - 6.10
Under 7.00 -7.10
Under 6.15 - 6.25
Under 7.10 7.25
Lightweight Men
Lightweight Women
6.15 or under
7.15 or under
6.30 or under
7.30 or under

Some athletes are highly gifted boat movers. Those athletes will be given a chance to prove themselves on the water BUT, in the main, it has been proved that there's a certain power output necessary to move a shell across 2000m at the higher performance standards.

Conversely, there are many powerful ergometer pullers who cannot move boats fast, so boat trials will be needed to show the required skill level.
Ergometer 2k Targets for inclusion within Rebecca.
Non Rowing


Lightweight men
Lightweight Women

Lightweight Men
Lightweight Women
6.40 or under
6.50 or under
7.30 or under
7.45 or under

6.25 or under
7.25 or under
6.35 or under
7.35 or under

There must be assessments of the rowing standard of the triallist, which is done by the National Coach. The absolute minimum is Non Rowing standard.
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