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        UK Coaching Certificate

Rowing is one of five sports piloting the UKCC. The other sports are cricket, rugby, athletics and swimming. Funding has been agreed for up-skilling current coach educators, training new coach educators, producing materials, a UKCC administrator, consultants and experts.

WARA and the WLRA have a limited number of coach educators and are in the process of recruiting. More information is available below.

What is the UKCC?
The coaching task force set up by the Department of Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) made a variety of recommendations, one of which was a comparable coaching certificate called the National Coaching Certificate, now renamed as the UK Coaching Certificate, across all sports.

Five levels of award have been identified. Each level has agreed competencies for sports mapped against national occupational standards. The endorsement process is currently taking place and a decision is expected in October 2005.

Each sport is identifying a qualification group with which to work. Some sports, however, may choose to become an awarding body. The ARA and WARA are working with First4sport as an awarding body for the Level 2 and Level 3 courses. Currently, the awarding body, or bodies, for Levels 4 and 5 is undetermined.



UKCC site

The ARA's current position with regard to the materials.

The ARA, WARA and SARA have agreed not to award a Level 1 qualification. It may be appropriate to develop some standalone coaching modules designed for groups such as teachers, parents etc.


The standard of the Level 2 award remains comparable to the current Instructors Award, although the course content has changed. Materials are available to Level 2 tutors and assessors as of mid September 2005.

The first Level 2 courses of the UKCC will run from 1st October 2005. WARA and the Wales Longboat Rowing Association (WLRA) will be able to run Level 2 courses from late November 2005 when tutors have been up-skilled and assessors have qualified.

Level 2 will require some pre-course work and candidates will be required to keep a coaching log before final assessment. Assessments will as far as possible be carried out in candidates’ usual coaching environments.

An I.T. system has been developed and trialled for distance learning, which will be a component of all future coaching courses.


The Level 3 award will incorporate all of the Bronze award and most of the Silver award. A modified Level 3 course was run in England during the summer of 2005. The full course will run from January 2006.

Level 4 will involve designing, delivering and reviewing an entire season’s programme for a group of participants. Coaches will undergo a personal programme by distance learning. The full course will run from summer 2006.

At present, Level 5 has no outline.

The ARA is also looking at the possibility of formally recognizing the tutor training as a qualification. Assessor training already exists as a formal qualification.

Further information.
If you’d like further information on coaching courses, becoming a coach educator or would like to register your interest in becoming a coach, please e-mail us at ukccinfo@wara.org.uk

For further information on any issue relating to the UKCC, please visit www.ukcoachingcertificate.org

Converting an existing qualification.
The awarding of a new qualification will have an impact on coaches who already hold a coaching certificate. A conversion process is being developed for those coaches who wish to convert their qualification to the new scheme. Information on this process will be made available soon.