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Since 2000 WARA and Wales International Rowing have been working hard to raise our standard in the regatta. The junior section has had many wins over the years and been highly successful. They are currently revamping and moving to an even brighter future. We, in the seniors want to follow up and move these juniors on into the seniors.

The seniors have also been moving on and every year we have been scoring more and more points. We have also been taking wins in boat types since 2000. The senior wins were far and few between but now we score good points or win medals.

Let it be said that we run a fully open, recorded and fair system. Anyone that qualifies will be given the opportunity to race for the Nation.

As the smallest nation we are expected to come bottom of the pile but we now regularly get 3rd place and would like to do better.

Wales’ International Manager, Mike Hnatiw, The Chairman of WARA, Martyn Kelly and the International Committee have been working very hard to move this area of our team forward.

They have also been making ground-breaking changes in the Regatta such as, the introduction of the Lightweight Pair and the Lightweight Double giving the small nations a chance to get smaller units with a chance of doing well in the regatta. Wales also broke a precedent, with the blessing of the Home Countries, that Wales would only send quality boats to the event thus ensuring high standards. This meant only fielding a smaller Team with higher-level athletes.

In the seniors we are implementing a series of qualification procedures with independently run full trials in Cardiff twice a year and Ergometer testing at the Welsh Indoor Rowing Championships or regular public testing with the “Rebecca” Team at the Institute of Rowing, WALES based at the Welsh Institute of Sport.

This regatta and selection process is used as a progression to the Commonwealth Regatta.
Eligibility Criteria