WARA The Welsh Amateur Rowing Association - Rhwyfo Cymru
Executive Committee members


Have at least one Welsh Grandparent.
Be resident in the Country of Wales for more than 6 months.


The Home Countries International has been running for more than150 years. It's the only match of its kind in the World. Fifteen athletes are selected, with one spare, who can row.

The management plan:

Boat Types,

1X   LWT   1X   LWT   2X   LWT   2-   2x   2-   4+

•  Crews will be invited on outstanding performance somewhere, a winning or good performance at the, or previous, international form that warrants WARA to include them.

•  Crews can form themselves into their own units and inform the International Manager, or be formed from WIR.

•  Once invited, the crew will be the Welsh National Crew ”DESIGNATE.”

•  If another crew wants to place a challenge, WARA will consider this on an individual basis. If the challenging crew is given an opportunity to race off, there will be 2 x 2k races, or other distance agreed by the tow crews, their coaches and WARA. If on the first race either of the crews wins substantially by more than 2 seconds, then that is the crew designate. If there's less than 2 seconds difference between the crews, a second race off will be set within 30 minutes of the first race.

At this point a series of options become available.

•  On the second race a time matrix is formed. The crew selected will be the one that has the greater time difference over the two races.

•  The crew that wins the second race with a margin of more than 2 seconds will become the crew designate.

•  WARA may decide that a higher performance unit can be selected from the individual athletes. This and other combinations are placed in a trialling matrix. From that it will be demonstrated whether or not a crew has the speed, or potential speed, to be the better unit. That boat would then become the designate.

•  WIR and THE NATIONAL COACH FOR WALES WILL MAKE ALL SELECTIONS. If, through the general processes of selection, challenging and trialling, no apparent unit has been found, athletes will trust in the skill and expertise of WIR and the National Coach to make the decision. All points of view will be listened to and, after due consideration, the National Coach will select the unit deemed to be the best option. This decision will be final.

•  We expect the Welsh National Crew Designate to race at the GB National Championships, to prove their standard for the HCI, for our Racing Club Rebecca. We understand that, sometimes, people have crew commitments and/or your Club may wish you to race as composite. These issues will be discussed with the National Coach and the International Manager.

•  We have a strict policy of giving aspiring U23 and athletes new to this level, regardless of age, the best chances to be selected, provided they show that they're close to the standard. This policy is fully endorsed by the International Committee.

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