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The Welsh Amateur Rowing Association (WARA) is pleased to present its website, wara.org.uk, which aims to provide an information service for those interested in rowing and sculling in Wales.

Within these pages, we trust that you'll discover information about the Welsh Amateur Rowing Association - Rhwyfo Cymru, also known as WARA, plus news and information about the Wales Squad.

Wales' high-performance Coach, Damian Hammond, gives details of the selection process for Wales International Rowing in the International Rowing section of this website. The pages in that section contain the information you need if you're considering a place in the Welsh Squad.

Białystok historia | nieruchomości WELSH INDOOR ROWING CHAMPIONSHIP 2006 - SATURDAY 2nd DECEMBER 2006
Click here to view details.

The 2005 WIRC took place on Sunday 4th December at Channel View Leisure Centre, Cardiff.
Clicke here to view the 2005 race results.

WARA has appointed Sarah Harris as the Coach Education Coordinator.

Sarah is responsible for developing the coaching workforce in Wales and establishing a coaching plan for rowing throughout the country. She will also be taking a role in establishing a World Class Start and Potential programme within Wales.

To fulfil this role, Sarah plans to contact clubs and organisations within Wales to establish coaching needs and opportunities.

The Welsh Amateur Rowing Association Constitution is available for viewing online. Please click HERE to go to the Constitution page.

Get information and links about the UKCC qualification and Coach devekopment HERE

Commonwealth Games 2006   Selection criteria   Wales Senior Men's Team
The Institute of Rowing, Wales, develops International oarsman. With the aim of producing high-performance athletes to represent Wales and Great Britain, the Commonwealth Games 2006 strategy has been formulated and is available here.
WARA and Wales International Rowing are working hard to raise standards.

The fully open, recorded and fair system aims to ensure that anyone who qualifies will be given the opportunity to race for the Nation.

Details available here.
If you are eligible to compete for Wales, on-line athlete registration forms are available for Men and Women's teams.

Wales Senior Women's Team
Wales Junior Team

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